Everything Happens For A Reason
Episode #10.2 • bonus • english • How Malika Favre has made her creative freedom a priority

This month’s guest is French artist Malika Favre.
And even though she speaks perfect English, we hesitated and finally decided to do the interview in French.
Because it’s her mother tongue — and so that her mother, Ouisa, could actually listen to one of her daughter’s podcasts for once !
So I thought it would be nice to add a bonus in English for non French speakers, with a quick recap of our conversation.

You might not know Malika Favre’s name — but you have most likely come across her illustration work over the internet, billboards, books and/or magazines.
Famous for her Pop Art meets Op Art bold style, she has already done a dozen of covers for The New Yorker — the ultimate goal for all illustration artists — ; the poster of the 2017 edition of the Montreux Jazz Festival — the ultimate goal for all jazz fans — ; dozens of covers for Penguin Books, editorial work for Vogue, and even 2 art books published by Counterprint.

We addressed many subjects including: starting a career as an artist; why and how to choose your agent(s); copycats; building a reputation; building a community; collaborating with cool people and great brands; workload and time-management.

What’s next?
Never stop drawing.
Make more objects.