People management, operations & strategy
• Organize • Drive • Convey • Grow •

Whether you’re an independent graphic/furniture/interior designer, an artist or a small business, LBM•’s purpose will remain the same — back you up and help you thrive — starting with an audit in order to assess the situation, before setting up objectives and implementing a tailor-made action plan.

We may collaborate on a regular or ad hoc basis, and LBM•’s scope of work can include:

• Coaching / mentorship / holistic approach
• Fees & contracts negotiation
• Administrative & financial management
• Leadership & business development
• Strategy & positioning
• Marketing & communication
• Enhancement of customer experience
• Recruitment
• Workshops, teambuilding & training
• Development of tools
• Implementation of policies & procedures / best practices

I•​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ 6-MONTH PROGRAMS

1•MASTERMIND / 1 weekly Zoom session + regular communication on the dedicated Telegram group
A• KICK-OFF for emerging talents who need to define their vision, their values and their strategy to launch a sustainable business model
B• REBOOST for established talents who need to enhance and propel their business and reach the next level
C• REBOOST+ for established talents who need to reach the next level, and want to add a monthly 1:1 session
2•MENTORSHIP / 1:1 sessions, twice a month, as well as on demand emails and phone calls when needed
A• CREATIVE LEADERS for established talents who are willing to go higher, further, stronger
B• ID for experienced talents who are entering the entrepreneur life and need to lay the foundation for a sustainable business

If you need occasional support, or for a one-off collaboration

I love organizing team buildings, workshops, a day or two outside of your daily routine so we can focus on the bigger picture